About Us

Enchanted Talavera is the best source for Talavera Pottery on the internet. We maintain a very high standard of quality because our pieces are created with quality materials made by skilled artisans. You will notice our pottery has cleaner lines, more intricate detailing, and is painted with brighter and more vibrant colors compared to other suppliers. The result is color that will stand out in any home or garden.

Our pieces are handmade, one at a time in Mexico, not mass-produced by machines overseas.

Enchanted Talavera pieces are 100% lead-free which is tested by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection so you can be sure it is safe to be used by you and your family. 

Our items are packaged very securely to protect your new purchase. We ship to you from California, so you can expect to receive your items in a few days instead of a few weeks or months from international sellers.

We have hundreds of 5 star reviews and repeat customers so be sure to check out our reviews and feedback.

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